West Side Mobile Service LLC

Lawn Mower and Snow Blower Repair



[Rochester, NY,14623]

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Question: What payment types to you accept?

Answer:  We prefer a check or cash, but also accept all the major credit cards.

Question: Do I have to be home when you arrive?

Answer:  We prefer if you are home, especially when you are a first time customer.  But it is up to you.  If you feel comfortable leaving your machine accessible, and have a phone number we can reach you on with questions or estimates, then you do not have to be home.

Question: Do you need a garage to work in?

Answer: If the weather is nice, we will work in your drive way.  If its winter, or raining, then we will need to back our van up to your garage and work inside, out of the elements.

Question: What if I don't have a garage?

Answer: If you do not have a garage, and it is raining, we will have to reschedule.  If its winter, it depends on how harsh the wind, temperature, and snow are that day. We have worked on many snow blowers over the winters with out being in a garage.

Question: Can you give me an exact price for a repair over the phone?

Answer:  With out looking at the machine to diagnose the problem it is impossible to give an exact price.  We do our best to listen to what the problem is, and give you our best guess as to what you may be looking at.  But there are no guarantees until we have had a change to see it.

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